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Electrical plans and studies
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We undertake the preparation of electrical plans. The cases in which the certificate is necessary are:

• For the issuance of each new PPC power supply

• To reconnect old provision,

• To change the name in which the bill is issued,

• For a request to increase the benefit.

• For construction site electrification. (workplace benefit)


The PPC Certificate is issued after checking the electrical installation with special measuring and control instruments. It is not a typical paper for PPC as the control of the electrical installation ensures the safe operation of the installation as well as the safety of those who live, work or visit the site. It is the necessary document that certifies the suitability of an internal electrical installation after the required control and appropriate measurements.
For the certificate to be issued, the necessary technical specifications must be met, as well as a properly functioning current leakage relay. If it is not there, upon agreement we undertake its installation.